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Recently a customer of Active Roofing asked us the question “how do you install Flat Roofing” so i decided write a series of articles on roofing from Flat Roofs to Slate and tiled roofs.
First of all for flat roofing we require a good solid base made of timber joists. The size of these joists will depend on the span of the roof.
We then torch on two layers of roofing felt using a blow torch, insuring that its set to just the wright heat so as not to heat the felt too much.

For over 40 years Active Roofing has specialised in asphalt roof repairs and restoration, we have built up a strong reputation for being able to provide our

customers with a level of service that is unmatched by any other roofing company in Dublin or even Ireland for that mater.


Asphalt Roofing also referred to as bitumen is a very popular way of covering flat roofs or roofs where there is a slope, the problem with asphalt roofs is their susceptible to weather damage due to the lovely Irish weather.  A vast majority of our calls are for the repair of asphalt roofs so we have become experts in the field of repairing this type of roof.

Our fully trained, polite and friendly staff will make you feel at ease with their knowledge and experience, we promise to respect you and your property. We are fully equipped with portable e

stimating devices which allow us to provide onsite quotations, so there is no waiting around when you require an urgent repair.

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